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Multifacted online fine diningware and drinkware retailer, Urbandazzle, has added yet another feather in its cap, by putting another world class brand, on their roster, especially so you can shop exquisite diningware and drinkware, right off their shelves.


Libbey, is a decade old glassware company, founded by Edward Libbey, in Toledo, Ohio. Naturally a company, with such a steeped history in glassware, would be considered by UrbanDazzle, to be put on their roster, which already boasts of brands like Bormioli Rocco, Borgonovo, Ocean, Luminarc, devnow Ceramics, and Ego Alter, to name a few.


Libbey, has always been considered as an high ranking firm, in terms of the products that they produce. This is because so  much care and research goes into everything that it makes, you should feel proud, that the beer pitcher you are using, has a lot of heritage and history behind if origins.

 LIBBEY Boot ShotGlass

Libbey, offers some interesting products on UrbanDazzle, like the boot shotglass, which, shaped like a boot, is definitely going to add an interesting dimension to your evenings, as well as the Cigar Ashtray, which, allows you to store your cigar, now letting it sink and spoil.

 LIBBEY Cigar Ashtray

UrbanDazzle, has constantly been raising the bar, in terms of offerings on their website.Whether it is barware, kitchenware, or gifting ideas, UrbanDazzle, has always been a pioneer, in getting exclusive rights to retailing lifestyle brands in India. Brands that is not available anywhere else, online or retail.


The best part about shopping at UrbanDazzle, is the dazzling, yet simple array of products that they offer. Dazzling, because there are so many of them, simple because, once you realize what you are looking for, it is so easy to narrow down to a small portfolio of high ranking brands to choose from.

UrbanDazzle, does not stock generic products. You will not find a set of steel glasses, or a set of steel plates here. Every product here has a personality, if you must add. It has its own style, and its own place, whether in your kitchen, or your home bar.
Urbandazzle, is not for those who want to give their homes a utilitarian setting. It is for those who have tastes, which need to be catered, tailored, according to their exact wishes.

Brands at Urbandazzle

At UrbanDazzle, you can get hold of a variety of fantastic products, at prices that would surprise you, because they are so low. Couple this with the numerous lucrative offers that they always have, and you have yourself a fantastic deal, with regards to the products that they sell. Anyone would like their home to reflect who they truly are. A home, must always showcase your personality, and show your real self.


A shabby home indicates an unhappy life, while a well kept one indicates a happy, prosperous life, in which you are aware of all the beautiful things that life brings your way. A keen detail to aesthetics is being given, by UrbanDazzle, when they pick the products that they want on their websites. You will never find something generic, and whatever you will find on UrbanDazzle, will not be available anywhere else, because brands that associate themselves with premium websites like UrbanDazzle, also like to maintain an aura of exclusivity, by not retailing their fine glassware, to any e commerce site, that comes up.