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Décor trends world over are wavering towards a more clear, clutter free and clean aesthetic. Simplicity has become the order of the day. Gone are the days when curio cabinets would be brimming with knickknacks, today’s urban apartment demands well defined pieces that are a pleasure to use and a sight to behold.

Call it French chic or Italian sophistication, even your morning cup desires a trendy vessel to give your day a heady kick start. Check out the Tea and Coffee mugs in pristine white in our tea and coffee mugs section that look exquisite and are appealing to one and all.
Urban apartments aspire to be a sanctuary for the senses to calm and soothe the hard working urbanite. Living in a city makes everyday life feel like a pain, the amount of time spent on commute is really appalling, it’s important to have an apartment that revitalizes your energy making you more charged up and focused.

Serve up each meal with style and verve. Icy cool Lemonade poured from a divine pitcher into lofty Tom Collins glasses can bring a smile to the most irritable city dwellers façade.
Urban décor today is more fluid and based on neutral colours. Bursts of color here and there are created using statement pieces like iconic vases. Decorative vases range from traditional to contemporary and from ceramic, crystal and glass; you can glam them up with fresh flowers, load the season’s juiciest fruit or leave them on their own. Adding a vase is one of the most affordable ways to introduce color, warmth and style into any space.

The style statement of the apartment continues into the kitchen. Spices and condiments preserved in drool worthy containers, beautiful mixing bowls and kitchen accessories energize the one who cooks, evoking happiness and spiritual bliss into the meal that goes on the table.
A painstakingly prepared meal can look disastrous when not presented properly. Gorgeous Serving dishes can be located in the dining section of urbandazzle.
The Urban Apartment strives to revitalize your energy, making you more charged up and focused. Decorating with beautiful candles can add that perfect touch of elegance, serenity or coziness to any room. Candles can be just the right element to enhance the style or feel that you are trying to create in a space in your home. The restrained light emanating from tiny tea lights, create a serene and romantic vibe. Explore our candle stand section for exquisite tea light holders. The kinds of aroma candles release reflect the personality the owner of the home.Stark fluid interiors demand statement pieces that follow a similar core nature. Peek into the contemporary figurine section of urbandazzle, to find a sculpture that suits your statement and size requirement.
Today’s Urbanista is so short on time that running about to procure everyday wares is next to impossible. Urbandazzle provides all this and much more at convenience of your fingertips. Access to your every home and living need is now just a click away.