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Turn your outdoor space in a Kitchen

On Jan 13, 2016, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Home decor

You have an ample amount of space outside your home but apart from a chair nothing rests there. Why not turn those extra square feet into an elegant outdoor kitchen? Mentioned below are some tips to design and decorate an outdoor kitchen.

1. Measure space: Irrespective of the free space, it is advised to take its proper measurement. An exact measurement helps to design and décor the outdoor kitchen in an effective and efficient manner.

2. Infuse with elements: Fill your empty outdoor space with the essentials of the kitchen. A typical outdoor kitchen includes a grill or a barbeque, a counter and some storage space to store the ingredients. A sink is also an essential, which people prefer in their outdoor kitchen. Some love to keep a mini refrigerator, bar and drinks service area.

3. Look for expertise for utilities: For utilities such as water, cooking gas and electricity, consult experts of aforementioned fields so as to nullify any risk or hazard associated with these utilities.

4. Place an island in between: It is advised to go with a modular and prefabricated kitchen island. It comes in stone, quartz and many other varieties, and most of them include appliances of stainless steel and countertops of granite. They are portable and also offer storage, seating and serving space.

5. Work on the layout: If you have walls or a corner to work with then go with a corner kitchen. It is considered as a great way to maximize space. To add visual interest to the outdoor area, rounded or even a triangular layout might be some good options.

6. Seating and Serving Options: Go for tables and chairs that could be folded and are light in weight. An outdoor kitchen doesn’t require large kitchen furniture pieces. Also, it does not look elegant to have fixed furniture pieces in an outdoor kitchen.

7. Other tips: There are also certain tips that could help you escalate the beauty of your outdoor kitchen.

  • A large mirror on the wall.
  • Don’t use enough lighting.
  • Go for a shed.