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Transform your Home, and Your Life

There has always been a huge deficit, in the fine diningware market. There has never been an ecommerce venture, that has allowed people to shop the best dinner ware and bar ware online. Throughout, we would need to visit generic websites, to choose from a limited range of products, or have had to physically visit the showrooms, most of which are not available in our country.

Evening Breeze Dinner Set

That’s where UrbanDazzle has stepped in, to cater to those very needs. To make sure, that you, sitting in the comfort of your home, can access brands like Borgonovo, or Luigi Bormioli, Marinex, Lucaris, etc.

Coupled with exciting offers and schemes, that change every day, shopping at UrbanDazzle, makes the whole experience richer, more satisfying, both in terms of the product that you buy, as well as the entire shopping experience. Whether you want dinner sets, or a flower vase, wine glasses or shot glassess, or tea sets, UrbanDazzle has the capacity to cater to your most esoteric tastes.

Laurus AshtrayTrends, as a rule have always ben made to follow. However, when you browse the range of products at UrbanDazzle, you realise that you, can start your very own trend. Be it an exquisite crystal whiskey decanter, or a beautiful ashtray, you can have a world class bartop, right in your living room. It always makes sense to accessorise sensibly. And Urban Dazzle makes sure your home, reflects YOU.

Shop onlne, from the finest range of products, at UrbanDazzle. The first of its kind in India, it offers a dynamic range of products, to suit every taste, ad every pocket. It is true, that we spend a small amount of time at the dinner table everyday, but why not make it a great experience while doing so?

Spirit Vase

Even a simple item, like a flower vase, can make or break the vibe of your room, depending on subtle things. At Urban Dazzle, you will find a fantastic range of the same, and you can choose whichever one you would think, complements your home.

There are always decisions to be made, and some of these decisions are extremely vital, yet seemingly insignificant. In today’s world where the  kind of pen you write with, defines you as a person, the kind of accessories that you adorn your home with, do so as well. Hence, we strive to make sure our product line, is top shelf, and brings out the connoisseur in you.