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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Glass.

On Aug 19, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Glass urbandazzle

You know when to use which glass and also are you aware different types of glasses available but did you know before the below mentioned facts about glass?

1. The energy that could be saved from a single bottle recycling could lit 100-watt light bulb almost for four hours or a color Television for almost half an hour.

2. Even before man found out ways to manufacture glass, nature was already producing it. This happens when lightning strikes sand it fuses the sand into long, slender glass tubes. Also, volcanic eruption sometimes fuses rocks into glass. Earlier, people shaped these glasses into weapons like knives and arrowhead. Also they used the same for as ornaments and money.

3. On an average, every family in the United Kingdom utilizes approximately 330 glass jars and bottles per year.

4. If you bury a glass bottle, jar or simply a piece of glass in land, it will take 1,000,000 years to completely degrade.

5.  Corning developed in the year 1960 a glass which was strong, flexible, difficult to scratch and is very hard. Today it is used in millions of phone and we call it “Gorilla Glass”.

6. There are available various methods of manufacturing the glass. Keeping in mind the same the entire glass industry is divided into 5 main broad categories. They are flat glass, fibre glass, scientific/technical glass, Container glass and domestic glass.

7. In the year 2008, North Carolina became the first US state which made it mandatory for the bars to recycle glass containers.

8. Glass is the only material which can be recycled infinite amount of times while preserving the same quality.

9. Bottles and flasks were first used for whiskey in 1850s.

10. September is celebrated as the “Recycle Glass Month” across the globe.

So, these were the top ten facts about glass. Do share below if you have any such interesting facts about glass.