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To Decor or Not to Décor!

On Jun 23, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

To Decor or Not to Décor

Home decor is a very tricky proposition. Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes, you get it so horribly wrong, you swear never to attempt it again. This is however, a wrong notion. Home Decor is definitely not easy, but there are some standards and simple rules, that you can follow, that would make you a home decor authority.

1. Keep it simple- There is chaos in clutter, and too much is indeed too much. Keep it classy and minimal. You need to allow the decor to lend a certain personality to your home, and not dilute or take that personality away. Make sure you pick out the right pieces, in the right proportions.
For example, a massive painting on the wall should be left alone, and not surrounded by

smaller ones.

2. Invest wisely- Do not buy decor, from roadside shops or frightfully expensive malls. These have been exposed to the elements, and not only that, they are more liable to get damaged, if they’re large in size and you’re carrying them home alone. A crystal flower vase is a great idea, but do you really want the cheap one you saw in that thrift shop? Invest in a good piece of decor, as it’ll remain with you for years to come, lending a certain touch to your home.

3. Center pieces are compulsory- Have one that exudes style, and not one just for the sake of having it. Riedel Nachtmann is undoubtedly the leader in terms of classic center pieces. Do have a look at some of the fabulous stuff that they have on offer.

4. Classy candle stands- You need to have one at home. You may have equipped your house with motion sensor lighting, but nothing gets classier and better than a good candle-stand, with candle’s burning in them.

5. Invest in Glass Art and Decorative Art- Devnow Glass has some amazing glass art. Not only are these beautiful, they are sturdy as well. These are individual and unique in their way and will look good if placed strategically in your home.

6. Home Decor is not a project- Do not stress about picking up the right items for your house. Do not stress that something might look amiss. Keep an open mind. Even something quirky might work really well for your home.

Picking up the right decor is not easy. Sometimes we think too much and be conservative, sometime we lose our focus and pick up something extremely random. The best is to pick up decor sitting at home. That is something UrbanDazzle has made possible. Be in your comfort zone, and use your fingers to shop. Delivery comes super-fast, and all products come with a guarantee of quality and you get the privilege of shopping for international brands sitting right within your 4 walls. There are a number of Italian brands that you might not even have heard of. What you never thought was possible. Online shopping sites are dime and dozen, but what sets Urban Dazzle apart from the rest is that the prices are unique. There is a product to fit every budget. There are numerous deals that are put on the website every day, so you are never bored. Product inventories are updated regularly, so you always have a gratifying shopping experience.

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