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decorate house with white color

When was the last time you saw an all-white room? Did you find it relaxing? Or did it have a blinding effect on you?

In color psychology white is the color of new beginnings, it signifies purity and softness. White contains an equal balance of all the colors of the spectrum. It offers an inner cleanliness and purifies your thoughts and emotions, uplifting and strengthening your entire energy system.

Although, few people think that white can cause a feeling of isolation and emptiness. But before you jump to a conclusion that your house can’t go all-white, here are few of the tips to decorate your house with all-white color.

Peaceful escape:

To enhance the beauty of white, add wall paintings or photo frames over your all white bed. One of the greatest assets of working with white color is the ability to showcase your own creativity and style in your interiors.

photo frame

Warm and Inviting:

If you want some warmth in your room then layer it with different shades of white- Off-white, grey, warm white etc. Use patterns, textures and varying center pieces in similar white/transparent shades to create a room that has depth and grabs attention.

 center pieces

Highlight the white:

Adding a color will make an all-white room look sophisticated and cosmopolitan. The white flooring, beds and curtains can look striking against any color that adds thump to the eyes and you can get this look with UD’s eye catching decor items.


Cozy corner:

The latest trends in interiors are neutral colors like white, brown, silver with classic metal color combinations. White products with stainless steel give a warm feeling and are a fresh trend in home interiors.

white table clock

Spa like treatment:

The beauty of the bathroom is its simplicity. Decorate your bathroom with cream colored walls, white cabinets and simple glass tiles. Add textures on the floor and decor items to give it a neutral tone.

So transform your home with all white interiors and see how comforting and welcoming it becomes. Having a fresh pure white space- be it your bedroom or your bathroom will soothe your psyche and spread happiness around.

But if you want to avoid an all-white house then you can keep the walls white and decorate the house with neutral colors like brown, black etc.

Example: To create an organized look, add one color to the white palette. Use the same color on the wall frames or other decorative items.

So get out of the norms and play around with the white colors either the all-white color look or white with other shades of colors.