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This Coffee Reminds me of You

On Jan 16, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

This Coffee Reminds me of You

There she was, sunken in the comfy cushion of the coffee shop chair. It was getting dark due to the cloud that was making the noon look like dawn. It was about to pour outside. Her look at her wristwatch was full of concern, obviously for him. She took a quick glance at the window to check whether he was there or not.

The coffee guy, came with her regular size mochachillo, but the anxiety was quite visible on her face the coffee was of least importance to her. She again looked at her watch and this time picked up her phone and called someone. No response. It started pouring by then. Her forehead lines was showcasing her anger and worry at the same time.

Suddenly the wind-chimes at the door rang as someone pulled the door. Her head turned in fraction of seconds, and the mixed expression of happiness and disappointed filled her face. She stood up, smiled and hugged the guy who was partially drenched in rain. The “sorry” followed by the explanation from the guy was royally ignored and she went happily back to her cushion seat to sip her coffee, with the sigh of relief apparent in her eyes . The guy took off his windcheater and sat next to her, explaining the reason. There were smiles, giggles and conversation started.

The entire event took me back in time, when you use to wait for me. I could sense that how you would have felt in those moments. Sitting on the other side of the chair, with newspaper in the hand, I could see you in that young lady and “us” in that couple.

I can still feel your presence, can sense your love. I looked at the sky outside from the window & waved at you.

Thank you for showing me the moments of our love.

This coffee still reminds me of you.