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The perfect Steak

A steak is a cut of meat, sliced perpendicularly to the muscle, and may be grilled, pan fried or boiled. Hugely popular in western culture, steaks have become increasingly popular in India in the recent past, with many steak houses opening, and nowadays, the home grilling option has become popular as well. So. What makes a good steak? Is it the meat, or the way it is cut? Or the kind of ingredients that it is dry rubbed with? Apart from the fact that steaks are incredibly tasty, they are also a good healthy food, because of the high protein content found in meat.

Usually, the common misconception is that if the meat is good, it just needs bit of salt and pepper. But, you must always dry rub the steak. This is a dry spice of a herb mixture, that is used to coat the meat, prior to grilling, by way of which, not only a good flavor, but a good crunch, appears in the meat. Chilli powder, fragrant curry powder, garlic and ginger seasoning, and anything that you feel would be able to lend a unique flavor to the steak. A good teaspoon worth of said ingredients are to be rubbed vigorously on each side of the meat. The slab of meat is then subsequently slapped over the grill, and heated to slightly lower than regular heating temperature, so the meat remains juicy, and does not over burn.

Some people prefer their steaks with crust, so you could always start with a dry exterior. You can put the steak on a rack set over a pan in the refrigerator, uncovered. Leave it there, and turn it once a day or so, at least for a couple of days. This is a passive aggressive method, because you pat it dry with paper towels before grilling.

Luigi Bormioli

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Happy grilling.