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mason jars

Bored of storing away your goodies and eatables in the age old steel containers? Give your kitchen a makeover with the beautiful mason jars. These little beauties will light up your counters and shelves and stylishly store away your food.

One key ingredient to making your time in the kitchen more fruitful and creative is to set it right. When you look at creative objects around you, you tend to get inspired and imaginative, which in turn is reflected in your culinary skills. That’s when the breathtaking range of kitchenware from UrbanDazzle comes in handy. These exciting jar sets will give a totally new look to your shelves and make your kitchen a space of wonder and awe.

round jar

A typical mason jar is made of glass and has a lid that aids preservation of food. Aesthetically pleasing, high in quality and friendly to your pocket, the wide range of mason jars at UrbanDazzle are a treat to your home’s décor. Not only are they a wonderful source of storing food, but can also be used for multiple purposes. Also, keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of our various customers; we have mason jars that suit different choices.

For example, those who prefer their mason jars elegant and understated, BORGONOVO offers stylish and classy jar sets at the best prices on UrbanDazzle, while even those with a slightly trendier choice aren’t disappointed either. Other big brands selling their unique mason jars are Ocean, Bormioli Rocco, Lock & Lock and many others. All these offer unmatched functionality and transparency to the users, and can be used to store biscuits, cookies, raw pastas, namkeens, pulses, etc.

mason jars

Another outstanding use of mason jars is that you can use them for beautifying your home. Place lit up candles inside the jar to give your abode a warm glow or insert little lights in it for an enhanced appearance.  You can also use them as pen stands or store your little pieces of jewelry, cotton balls, spices etc.


At UrbanDazzle, you will find a dazzling range of mason jars that fulfill a number of purposes and can be used on any occasion. When expecting guests at home, you can use them to beautify your space, while on others; you can store anything from flour to cookies in them. Don’t let this opportunity go. It’s time to add graceful glamour to your living rooms and kitchens with these excellent wonders available to you at the best of prices only at UrbanDazzle.