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Teacher’s Day- A day to Thanks them

On Sep 04, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle


Back in the days when you were in school either you snuck out of class at every opportunity you got or you followed teachers around like their shadow. Teachers, who could’ve taken up other profession because of their immense knowledge and fantastic qualifications, chose the noble profession of teaching to make a difference to the next generation of the nation. Many of you would have been retired by now and many of you would have moved on but you still remember those very teachers who have shaped your future.

Perhaps you did not get along with a couple of your teachers. Either there were disagreements with them or sometimes you thought that you had been singled out but once out of school you realized that it was all for your own good. Be it the chiding, the scolding or the treats of Children’s day. They are all reminiscent memories of school, a place that has shaped the future of everyone.

Till today you get nostalgic when you visit your school after years to meet the same teachers, who have shaped your successful lives, and see them shaping a new generation of children. Perhap yours! Yes, there are  instances wherein even two or three generations of the same family have been taught by the same teacher. Truly a gratifying experience when you see your child receiving the same values that have made you what you are today.

Previously, the gifts which teachers used to get back in the days on the occasion of Teacher’s day were either a humble slab of chocolate or a homemade card. However, the smile it brought on their faces was priceless. Fortunately, the same smile you can bring today also. A big thanks to UrbanDazzle, India’s premier E-commerce platform, which has brought elegant glassware, diningware, dessert ware and other magnificent glass beauties right on your gadgets. Now making your teachers overjoyed by bestowing them with a glass elegance is just few clicks away.Make your teacher feel special on this Teacher’s Day by presenting them a fabulous gift from UrbanDazzle. There is an array of products to choose for your teacher. You can gift a vase, a dinner set, a cutlery set or a photo frame perhaps with your old school pictures

This teacher’s day gift in style and bring a smile on the faces of those noble souls who crafted your future and made your lives successful.