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Tea Drinking, An Art & Tradition!

On Jul 15, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Tea Drinking, An Art & Tradition!

It is rightly said, “Where there is tea, there is hope.” And we all agree to this statement.

Tea is the solution to everything. Whether you are cheerful or happy, indifferent or low, tea can cheer you up! Rich in ingredients and with numerous health benefits, a cup of tea is undoubtedly amazing.

Come let’s take a tour to know more about our favorite beverage, tea and its different traditions all over the world!

  • Afternoon tea delight: In the 1600s, tea was introduced in England and France. But do you know the tradition of afternoon tea? In England a cup of tea is usually enjoyed with sandwiches, cakes and other treats. On the other hand, in France, people pay more attention to the quality of tea and the place setting. They enjoy pastries and tarts along with the drink.
  • Mediterranean tea traditions: In Egypt, Morocco and Turkey people have unique tea customs. Citizens of Turkey and Egypt prefer a strong cup of black tea which is extremely sweet. Moroccans keep themselves refreshed with mint tea.
  • Russian tea tradition: It is true that Russians are very fond of vodka. But they also love their steaming hot cup of tea which is known as Zavarka! Prepared in a big silver or copper urn called “samovar”, the Russian tea is prepared by concentrating it with water as per people’s tastes.
  • The art of ‘Cha-no-yu’: The main ingredient of Cha-no-yu is “matcha” which is grounded green tea leaves mixed with steaming hot water. The process of making this tea is a little tricky and requires not only knowledge about the utensils to be used in its preparation but also patience as this practice takes a few hours to conclude.
  • The big chai-lovers of India: Everyone in India loves tea or we can say almost everyone here is die-heart tea lover! From a street stall to a cafe, tea is liked in every corner of the country. The major elements of Indian tea are milk and sugar. One can also add cloves, tea masala and ginger to enhance its taste. Serving it with a plate of samosas or pakodas is like cherry on the cake!

So, enjoy a hot cup of tea this monsoon and bring in fun, laughter and cheer!