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A website, that caters to the stylish, the elegant and the classy. Find products that are varied, in their nature, as they are in design. Find even the most simple cutlery, resplendent with elegance.

You know instinctively the way glassware must feel, look and behave. Tacky cutlery, leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth, literally. Nothing can detract you from the beauty of a Biryani, if the plate you are eating it in is fit to hold it. Eat even the finest caviar, off bad cutlery, it will still not matter.
Hence, at Urbandazzle, you find a plethora of products, barware, kitchenware, and other beautiful products, that transform the look of your home. Give your guests the feel of eating in a palace, a dish fit for kings.

Serving Bowls

Pour yourself a glass of fine scotch, from the beautiful Da Vinci Crystal, Grosetto Round Decanter. The best deserves to be served in style. It is important to make sure that your home, is set, in terms of décor. A chaotic décor, reflects a chaotic lifestyle, and comes of as being sloppy, and inattentive. Guests, today, judge in an instant, from even the most minute detail, like a salt-shaker. Urbandazzle ensures that, even your salt shaker, will comfortably pass off as a fashion accessory. Even the ubiquitous ashtray, makes you forget the perils of smoking for a while.


Gifting becomes easier, with Urbandazzle. A gift coupon ensures that your loved one, gets introduced to fine living, a principle we relentlessly and ruthlessly promote at Urban Dazzle.

Air-Tight Fridge Box

We are committed to making you feel like a king, in your own right. Urbandazzle brings out the prince/princess in you, makes you feel stylish, and good about yourself. Products that are not merely functional, and forgotten about, once their initial purpose is served. After you shop at Urbandazzle, will you pause for a moment, reminiscing the time when you had guests over, and they praised your glassware. When the very night, you put that glassware back into its shelf, you smiled at yourself, and gave yourself a pat on the back, for shopping at Urbandazzle.