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Smell of the Earth Tea and Coffee Mugs Urban Dazzle

The juxtaposition of the five elements created human beings and what is truly intriguing is the things man has created from the elements. Something as widely available and humble as stone is converted into glorious gorgeousness that is so far ahead of its humble beginning yet so close to its origin. Just like its creator.

DEVNOW STONEWARE Recherché Four Mug Set, Urban Dazzle

Stoneware is crafted lovingly by artisans using stone crushed into clay. Shaped and hand painted, these divine creations are a reminder of the potential that lies within every speck.

DEVNOW STONEWARE 4 PCS Assorted Bowl Set,Urban Dazzel

Elegant stoneware coffee mugs have been the way to start the day in most European and American households. They have now made their way into most urban Indian kitchen shelves.

DEVNOW STONEWARE Luminos Assorted Mug Set

Breakfast sets are the new way to casual dining. A set comprises of large and small plates, large bowls and mugs.

small plates, large bowls and mugs urban dazzlesmall plates, large bowls and mugs urban dazzle

The earthy charm of a stew or soup cannot be experienced better from any other dish. Stoneware soup sets create an interesting charm around the soup to be enjoyed in slow sips over heartfelt conversations.

DEVNOW STONEWARE Daphne Soup Set(Set Of 18 Pieces), Urban Dazzle

Mediterranean food served on white and sea blue stoneware will bring the Santorini gushing into your living rooms.

DEVNOW STONEWARE Charme Bleu Square Dinner Plate White & Blue 10.5 Inches,Urban dazzle

Stoneware is the latest trend in tableware. Its rustic chic appeal makes it a must have in any modern household. It is seen adorning the selfies of many a fashionistas.

Devnow Stoneware Urban Dazzle

Take a peek into our brand section Devnow stoneware for more heavenly creations made from earth.