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Ganesh Chathurthi is one of the most awaited festivals in the calendar, and a holiday means, you can unwind at home, after completing the morning ritual, of bringing the statue of Ganpati home.

A holiday is also a chance to go berserk, shopping on UrbanDazzle, and this you can completely justify, given that it is raining discounts there.  New products, new brands, and new concepts, UrbanDazzle has always been only about innovation, and that is its USP.

Gifting this time around, on this auspicious occasion, gets a lot easier, given the variety of combinations of gifts that UrbanDazzle brings to you. Choose products, from top designer brands, like Libbey, Luigi Bormioli, Devnow Ceramics, Herdmar, and other top shelf designer brands, each of whose products, says a story for itself.

RCR 6 Elementi Tumbler 350ml.

There are also the bestsellers, that you can check out, like the exquisite tumblers, decanters, glassware, and other accessories, that really make your house come alive. Décor, should never be a problem, this year, because of the amazing vases, that UrbanDazzle, has included, as part of their product line.

Today, you can shop for the entire house, right off one website, such is the comprehensive product catalogue, at UrbanDazzle.

This Ganesh Chathurthi, remember to start being a little health conscious, by throwing away all your plastic bottles, and using the specially formulated glass one’s, which do not allow the buildup of bacteria and other harmful chemicals, thus keeping your family happy and healthy, stylishly.

If you are hosting a party, do not forget to invest in a quality set of silverware, from Herdmar. Undisputable, as the best brand when it comes to designer silverware, Herdmar has an entire section devoted to itself at UrbanDazzle, with collections that are sure to blow you away, by the sheer complexity and intricacy of the designs that they carry.

Not to be confused with something dainty, Herdmar’s silverware, does not spoil, you can look forward to many years of cherished togetherness, with various guests, who admire the artwork, that is your cutlery.

HERDMAR Atlanta 27 Piece Flatware set

Even something like a simple salt shaker, can add personality to a dining table. Check out the variety of table accessories and kitchen accessories. Utilities are also not too far behind, with temperature resistant, extremely durable and tough storage bowls, that you can safely refrigerate, since they are completely non-toxic, and, since they can be vacuum locked, the various flavors, if different food items in your fridge, will not intermingle into one disgusting smell, that usually happens when open bowls of food are left in the fridge.

There are some really great offers, and you can get a discount, ranging from 15% to 30%, on some select products. The sheer value for money is sure to blow your mind, as these products, come for around double the price, if you want to purchase them physically in a showroom, and with brands like Ghidini, you’ll be lucky to find a single store that sells these high end brands, in India, at the price at which UrbanDazzle brings them to you for. So this Ganesh Chathurthi, be pious, and pray, and bring Ganpati home, and once you have the time, remember, to shop on UrbanDazzle, and give your home a fresh new look, to bring in the year.