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Ever since E Commerce found its way into our lives, we’ve been happily clocking away a number of hours sitting in front of our screens, whether that screen be a desktop, laptop or tablet. Yes, everything is not online. Yes, there are sites to buy clothes, sits to buy phones, laptops, etc. but there was never a house for home décor, more importantly something as basic as cutlery. Because, we were concentrating on dressing ourselves up, we forgot about the lovely place we call home.

However, a while back, things changed drastically for the better. UrbanDazzle has revolutionized the way E-Commerce has been performing all these years. A welcome break from the generic online store, UrbanDazzle, being the store for your home.

With products ranging from ashtrays, to casseroles, to vases, and bottles, you can now find a plethora of products online without having to make that agonizing monthly trip to the mall to pick out some mediocre glassware. And if you are the conscious, the stylish, the elegant, who want everything with a fine touch of class, this website is now your playground.

crockery from denvow

Shop till you drop, was a common phrase that was used, because you would run from store to store, shopping, till you could carry no more. But how about carrying everything, in an imaginary cart? Sure you could do that. With clothes, it’s easier to run from mall to mall, but what about when picking out a dinner set? Would you have the energy, to run from one store location to the other, in another corner of the city, just to look at the other brand?

This gives rise to the most dreaded scenario, one of compromise. This is when you sit down, exhausted.

Driven to frustration, throw your hands up and say “you know what, I think this looks just fine”. The last two words in the sentence “Just Fine”, are the killers. They are the words that prevent you from looking at something better, maybe even for a better price? Something that looks more gorgeous, but has a fat 10% discount tag on it?

Decanter from RCR

Dreamed of a situation like this? UrbanDazzle makes that a reality. Now, you don’t have to lug around expensive, potentially breakable crockery, in the backseat of your car, praying for no more speed bumps on the way back to home. Now, the only minor speed bump, you will endure, is the laptop reminding you, that you have only 10 minutes worth of battery life left. You jump from your chair like a ninja, and reconnect the charger, and a massive obstacle is overcome. Now it’s time to shop. Brands like Luminarc, showcase products that are so dazzling, you can’t stop at buying just one. Just as much, decanters from RCR, catch your fancy, and while you’re at it, might as well pick up a jug from Libbey. Yes, that is how UrbanDazzle is. Helping you navigate through a lot of products, zeroing in on the one’s you want, adding them to your cart, in the meantime, showing you suggestions of what you might like. And as opposed to a physical salesman and all that from the comfort of your home.