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Set Your Own In-House Bar With Easy Steps

On Jan 27, 2016, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Set your own In-House bar with easy steps - Urbandazzle

Everyone who adores pubs and bars wishes to have the same aura and infrastructure at their own place too. Therefore, we are here with an amazing tutorial that would help you to a great extent to set your own bar at your own place.

1. Get Bar Glasses: You will need special bar glasses to serve your drinks. Build an excellent portfolio of glasses by including whisky glasses , Beer Mugs , Shot Glasses. Get approximately 6 to 8 glasses from each category for a perfect In-House bar set up. Irrespective of the drink you serve, invest in the right bar glasses.

 2. Go with these liquors: Though you can stock any liquor you like but don’t forget to store these basic categories that are indispensable for any bar. They are Gin, White Rum, Cognac, Vodka and Bourbon.

 3. Essential Bar Accessories:There are lot many accessories without which an In-House bar is incomplete. Some of them are wood muddler, cocktail shaker, condiment dispenser, Ice Cube Scoop , Cork Screw Opener etc. UrbanDazzle offers bar accessories that make it complete and elegant.

 4. Have a Non-Alcoholic Section: Don’t make your friends, who don’t drink, feel uncomfortable. Store for them some mocktails, cola drinks and other juices to make them the part of the group.

 5. A Bar Cabinet: To store the aforementioned Bar essentials and accessories go for a solid wood cabinet that allows you to showcase your bar collection as well as provide you with enough room to store it.