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While inviting guests over for a meal, all of us pay attention to the main course, drinks and settings. But what, most often, floors everyone is the little details. In this regard, salads add the much needed pep to your dishes. They go along well with the drinks- friends and family can munch on them while enjoying their cocktails and soft drinks in beautiful cocktail glasses, and they also give a flavor to your main menu and are quite filling and healthy.

What is marvelous here is that salads are no longer seen as “boring food” and are not limited to being food of the sick people. With culinary skills reaching new levels of expertise, people are experimenting with new ingredients, dressings and recipes to make their salads a very delightful dish.

We share a few of our favorite salad recipes with you. Here’s hoping you find them as tempting and delicious as us.

  • Quick carrot salad- Take minced garlic and grated carrots in ¼ cup of water and microwave them until they become crisp and tender. Drain them in a bowl. Toss it up with lemon juice, salt, olive oil and red pepper.
  • Cucumber and lettuce salad- Chop onions, cucumber, lettuce and mix them well. Add some lemon juice, pomegranate seeds and season it with pepper and salt. Refrigerate it if you wish to enjoy it cold.
  • The beans and egg salad- Take a few hard boiled eggs. Add sliced radishes along with a few green beans. Season it with olive oil, pepper and salt.

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salad plate

For your convenience and to give you a quick overview of what’s in store for you, we bring to you a few of our serving products here. The stunningly carved, beautifully sculpted and incredibly attractive serve ware is sure to take your breath away.

Devnow Peony Salad Plate 35 cm
Price- Rs. 1225
The soft tones and subtle carvings help you present your delicacies with grace and style. Bedazzle your guests with these fine plates.

salad plate

Dallops of Glory Bowl 22 cm
Price- Rs. 550
This head turning the creation gives your servings a luxurious feel and is both dishwasher and microwave safe which heightens your convenience.

salad bowl

Get the hold of our bewitching beauties to floor away your guests, even with a salad!