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Ramekin it is!!!

On Jan 30, 2014, in Bakeware, Baking Ramekins, Cook n Preserve, by urbandazzle


With the explosion of baking pages on the net be it facebook forums, Instagram pics of the day, Pinterest pins, tumbler posts, tweets or blogosphere its baked goodies that are ruling the roost. This has brought an elusive little baking dish into the forefront called the ramekin.

ramekin orange

Besides being one of the few baking dishes that actually have their own name, ramekins are unique as they are hyper useable. These small, cylindrical dishes are the best bet to bake individual portions of muffins, souffles, custards and pudding cakes.

ramekin 3.8 inches

They are ideal for baking small souffles, as their straight sides make it easy for an egg white-based soufflé mixture to rise up the sides of the dish and gain a lot of  height.

ramekin yellow

Ramekins can be made out of any heat-proof material, and are most often made out of porcelain, Pyrex or something similar. They can come in many sizes. Some may have very shallow sides, but most have a rise of about an inch or so, depending on the size of the dish itself.

all size ramekin

Their small size actually makes them useful for applications outside of the oven. For instance, they’re often used when a cook is doing prep work in the kitchen, separating chopped ingredients into individual dishes to be used at a later time. They’re perfect for holding minced garlic, pre-measured spices, and other small ingredient portions that occasionally get overlooked or misplaced in the chaos of bringing a dish together.

small size ramekin

They’re also handy for side servings of dressings, sauces and dips. With a shape quite similar to the traditional Indian katori bowl, ramekins are great to be used as a bowl for Indian lentils like dal and kadhi.

blue ramekin

One of their biggest advantages is in their durability – ramekins can be frozen, micro waved, baked, and run through the dishwasher without worry.

ramekin 3 inches

Their simple design also makes them an elegant, understated serving dish. They can be easily taken straight from the oven to table without the need to re-plate.

ramekin dish

Our range of ramekins of varies sizes; shapes and style are an answer to the prayers of many a baker in various parts of the country, have you found the one you are looking for?

yello ramekin