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Raising the BAR- Essentials of a home bar

On Jun 07, 2014, in Barware, by urbandazzle

Raising the BAR- Essentials of a home bar

Creating a home bar is an exciting experience. A home bar can add oodles of sophistication to your home, and reflects taste, class and style. Stocking a home bar requires substantial financial investment, but in the long run, saves a lot of money, because, you do not have to visit overcrowded nightclubs, and wade through a sea of people, to get yourself a semi-decent drink, which would have been made impersonally, by a bartender you may not know. What’s worse is that they always expect a fat tip. Hence, a home bar is a delightful alternative to going out. The best part being that you never, ever, need to worry about getting home safely, after a few extra drinks, because you’re already home!

Right from having a modest drinks cabinet, to having a bar with a LED TV, a beer tap, custom stools, mini-fridge, and custom cocktail shakers, a home bar, needs to be accessorized, else you might as well be drinking your single malt from a tea glass.

Adagio Whisky DecanterUrbandazzle, has some classy barware, that is sure to capture your attention, and will help in creating a great home bar, that will be, as they say, neighbors envy, owners pride. The Adagio 750 ml whisky decanter makes sure your whisky stays comfortable, and houses the same with love. While the sturdy and rubberized Devnow Bar Mat makes sure that the decanter, and the glasses, do not slip off the bar top.

CorkscrewNothing is more embarrassing than having a bottle of Moet and having no stopper to pry the cork open. The Ghidini corkscrew pries the champagne open, and the Zevro bottle stopper makes sure it stays fresh and bubbly, just like fine champagne should.

Cocktail ShakerThe Devnow Bar cocktail shaker is your best friend, when it comes to making those fabulous Margaritas and Mojitos, and the Ocean classic margarita glass, cradles the margaritas in style.

Need ice? Instead of running to the fridge, and struggling to get those cubes out of their frozen compartments, house them in the Cristal Darques ice bucket.

Urban Dazzle has bought out some of the finest accessories available online, at your fingertips. All you need to do is, click and buy!

Quality, right at your doorstep, and in your homes. Shop at Urban Dazzle, and immerse yourself in a world of class.