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Pour from the luxury of Decanters

On Mar 19, 2016, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle


Elegance and style are a prerequisite to hospitality and entertaining. Whether you are having a dinner party for friends or a larger celebration, fine spirits served in stunning glassware are a must to elevate the experience at your shindig.

UrbanDazzle fathoms the above fact well and thus, offers appealing yet sturdy decanters that not only enhance the celebration but are also ideal for everyday use.

The Decanters and carafes at UrbanDazzle are available in various sizes and serve purposes from wine, whiskey and soda to water and juice. UrbanDazzle has a curated selection of decanters from renowned brands that symbolize elegance and strength. Some of these prominent brands are Arcoroc, Vidivi, Bohemia, Luigi Bormioli, Bormio Rocco, RCR, etc.

A good wine decanter provides the optimum surface area for a wine to unfurl and release its aroma. Also, the sediment settles down and proper aeration of the spirit is ensured

A Whiskey decanter though is a connoisseur’s salute to the grand old times. The clink of heavy bottomed double old fashioned tumblers and the glistening of a fine single malt dazzling in a Decanter is enough to conjure up the sounds of the Scottish Highlands and bagpipes in your living room.

Bring these exquisitely designed and lovingly crafted creations to your home and life and bask in the accolades that follow for your admirable choice in tableware.