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partying it up

Hosting is not an easy proposition. There are a million things that you need to take care of and a zillion other things that you must keep in mind.

There are a lot of unwritten rules to hosting. Keep in mind, a guest, is going to remember every detail of the party, unless they’re very drunk!

So make sure that your do is memorable, eventful and fun, where everybody has a nice time and nobody is left wanting for anything.

It depends on the size of the crowd you want to invite home and the time at which you want to invite them. A lunch party will be totally different from a dinner party or a tea party.

If you are having a lunch or a dinner hosting at home and you have both vegans and non-vegetarians your guest list, remember, to segregate the food accordingly.

Speaking of dinner, one must take care of cocktails or mocktails that the guests might like. Fortunately, here you have help. You can always pre mix drinks but the fun lies in making them in front of your friends. There are some amazing bar accessories like shakers, measurers, and stirrers by Devnow Bar that could definitely put some zing making you look like an expert mixologist.

classic cocktail glass from ocean

If you are serving beer, try to keep the beer cold as well. Do not serve guests little beer pints, straight up from the bottle. Organize a pitcher, check out the Ghidini range, and keep such a pitcher in the center of the table. Do not refill the pitchers in front of your guests, do so in the privacy of your kitchen. Do not forget the range of beer mugs from urbanDazzle to serve the beer.

For dinner, use great silverware. We recommend Herdmar. Indisputably, the best craftsmanship ever seen in cutlery. You can use Luminarc’s range for plates.

cutlery from herdmar

UrbanDazzle has all the products that you need to throw a great bash. Whether it is a formal dinner or a child’s birthday, every occasion will need some different kind of barware/kitchenware/drinkware. UrbanDazzle, literally, has everything that you need to make sure that your party is never off style.