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Outdoor Dining Chic!!! Urbandazzle Style!!!!

On May 14, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle


Bid adieu to the scorching Indian summer by announcing a soiree outside the confinements of the air conditioner. Ditch the glitzy indoors for a relaxed evening of fun with loved ones. Set the table and mood. Let the table reflect the balmy colors of this season. The liveliness of the Indian monsoon gleams through with aged wood, roses and the fresh greens.

There’s just something about this time of the year that makes you want to break out the colorful table linens, and host an outdoor event. It can be wither whether a fancy garden party or a casual family get together— no vacuuming and straightening up, no polishing silver, no need to beautify beyond perhaps a simple lantern hung from a tree. But that doesn’t mean entertaining without style.

After you have decided the menu, take some time out to decide the presentation vessel for each dish. Salads are prerequisites for an outdoorsy shindig. Check out the fabulous salad bowls in the dining section of urbandazzle. Try the Individual tureens to present piping hot main course dishes for each guest. Large and colourful water glasses look especially chic outdoors. Peep into the snack plate section for large platters for presenting starters. When you have decided on the dishes it’s time to hit the venue with a mind brimming with creative ideas.

Natural elements can be surprising additions, whether as centerpieces or tucked into a pretty ribbon fastening the silverware. You may stick to the same family, or go wild on colours. Refrain from using multivalued crockery, when the rest of your table is a riot of colours.

Center Pieces that are simple and elegant would go exceptionally well with outdoor parties. One important thing to keep in mind is that the centerpiece should be compact enough so that it does not interfere with passing of dishes.

Place fresh summer blooms in small bowls in front of each setting, for a sweet smelling ambience.

Table napkins can provide a lovely pop of colours, starched linen napkin in bright hues look magical tucked under a desert plate, giving a very rustic chic feel.

It is also wise to keep a separate table for keeping extras, like large serving dishes, extra spices and condiments and extra plates and silver to avoid ruckus on your table. Check out sleek lines of oil nvinegar setssalt and pepper shakerssauce boats and loads more in the table essentials section.

Let your guests help themselves with drinks and water from attractive glass pitchers complemented with these classy Italian drinking glasses.

Get charmed by the range of dinner service in our dining section.

One more suggestion to keep in mind is start your party at dusk so that you can reap the benefit of adding the beauty of flattering candlelight. Candlelight makes everyone feel so cozy and comfortable.

The Lanterns in this setting are ingenious creations using jars, again a very rustic chic deployment.Lovely jars can come outdoors to serve various purposes, let your imagination take its flight of fancy, maybe tea light holders, or a pretty vase or just to glam it up a wee bit.

Have a fun filled evening soaked in your personal style, be the perfect host or hostess, urbandazzle will help you find that tiny ramekin you had been hunting for ages.

Bon Appetite!!!!