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Amuse bouche

 It was at the Christmas carnival at my kid’s school that I was captivated with the beauty of tininess.  Tiny hands, tiny spurts of conversations, tiny wishes are all inherently a reflection of how simple god had intended his creations to remain.

Amuse Bouche, UrbanDazzle

Which brings us to the star of this blog post, the amuse bouche .An Amuse Bouche is a one bite appetizer that many chefs will share to set the tone of their meal, it also literally means amused mouth in French.

Amuse Bouche, UrbanDazzle

Devnow Ceramics Glorieux Appetizer Dish(Set Of 12 Pieces), UrbanDazzle

Devnow Ceramics Blissful Moments 4 Pcs. Soup Spoon(Set Of 4 Pieces), UrbanDazzle

Devnow Ceramics Spoon 4.5 inches(Set Of 6 Pieces), UrbanDazzle

Devnow Ceramics Coffee Spoon(Set Of 12 Pieces), UrbanDazzle

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It’s a simple one bite that leaves the complete taste of the dish, being the finest companion to delicate wines and flowing conversations.  To have amuse bouche on your menu you will require a collection of specialized china for serving. Interesting plates, demitasse cups, and large Asian-style spoons are popular choices.

Demitasse Cups, UrbanDazzle

Demitasse Cups, UrbanDazzle

To Select the main ingredients, think about the base it maybe a patty, a bread (pita, crostini) or a slice of a veggie (zucchini for instance). Next think of a thick creamy dip or sauce that adds to the taste to top it or spread on the side and some fruit or veggie or some sprinklers for taste and verve. Let your imagination take its flight of fancy.  But be sure that they taste great put together.

Devnow Ceramics Single Ear Rectangular Dish 16X7CM(Set Of 6 Pieces), UrbanDazzle

You can even make small portions of tried and tested recipes. How about some papri chat canapés or teensie kebabs? Stuffed mushrooms or taco wraps any of your staples can be reduced in size and presented in delectable china as amuse bouche.

Devnow Ceramics Bunny Tail 4 Pcs. Round Bowl Set(Set Of 4 Pieces), UrbanDazzle

It’s again their tininess, their petite beauty that will have your guests amused and serve as a great ice breaker for any new guest arriving. Amuse bouche  is the one stop style up that will glam up your new year dinners and champagne brunches. Here’s a bunch of New Year’s cheer and wishes for health and prosperity, physical and spiritual for all… have a very Happy 2014!!!!!

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