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Onam is Here!

On Sep 06, 2014, in Dining, Dinner Sets, Dinnerware, Dinnerware, Rice Plate, serving bowls, by urbandazzle

Onam is Here

Onam the popular state festival of Kerala, celebrated with great enthusiasm, by all around the world. The tenth day also known as Thiruvonam is the most important day of the festival, the celebrations often continue until the twelfth day, also known as the chatayam.

There is socializing, elaborate rituals, feasts, fairs, and of course, the gamut of dishes, that are prepared throughout the festival, in every special way. Onam has a feast, called the Onasadya that is an intrinsic, unavoidable part of the festival. There are a few trademark dishes, that mark the traditional Onam feast, and we’ve picked out the top 10 for you!


Onam feast

  1. Avial:- A mixed vegetable recipe, fairly easy to make, and very tasty. It is also a very nutritious   option, basically a side dish, served hot.
  2. Banana Halwa:- Payasams, Uniyappam, Elayada, these are the unavoidable and the most popular sweet dishes in this festival.
  3. Coconut chutney, is obviously the most vital ingredient of all Kerala dishes. Right from the vegetarian preparations, to the desserts, coconut is used in almost all of the dishes that the people love to eat.
  4. One of the most popular South Indian dishes, of all time, is the ubiquitous Idli. Very light, and nutritious, it is the best breakfast item. A rice preparation, it takes no time to make at all.
  5. Masala Dosas come a close second, and everyone all over the world will always recognize a dosa. Again, a dish that consists of the fermented batter and mashed potatoes, it is tasty, and nutritious.
  6. Kerala is renowned, for its Moru Curry. Basically a yoghurt curry, it is also served alongside various varieties of rice.
  7. How can one forget to mention Erissery. People always love a good well prepared erissery, which is basically a simple pumpkin recipe that can easily be made with a few ingredients. A traditional part of the Kerala cuisine, erissery is very popular.
  8. The Cabbage Thoran is also highly popular. A dry dish that is made out of chopped cabbage leaves it can be prepared also with onions, which only adds to the flavor.
  9. The ubiquitous banana chips, also finds favor here, these are dry or oven baked. A simple banana chip can always bring a smile, when consumed with tea.
  10. The best reserved for the last. The Kalan, is an Indian curry made with curd. The taste is sour, and is more like sambhar coked with curd.


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