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New Products out at UrbanDazzle

UrbanDazzle, India’s premier E Commerce store, for fine dining ware, drink ware and bar accessories, has done it again! Tons of new products, and exciting merchandise, has been rolled out by the site, and the best part is that they are slashing products not only on the existing products, but also on these new entrants. First of the line is Libbey, which was launched recently A premier glassware company, from the US, Libbey has been pushing boundaries, and each Libbey product, is a signature blend of craftsmanship as well as utility, a fine balance of both, striking its appeal in the heart of the fashion conscious and discerning consumer.

No two products, sold on UrbanDazzle, are the same, and no two brands are either. Italian brands come up with the really amazing designs that we see. Borgonovo and Devnow Crystal are some of the brands that have shown that products that belong in the kitchen need not be soul-less and style-less, infarct these are the products that must look the best, and perform accordingly.
Do not be fooled by their appearance, these products are hardy, and meant to last. They are of course, stylish as well, which is a major part of their appeal.

Products come with a warranty as well; this is not like your neighborhood showroom, where nothing has a guarantee of function.

UrbanDazzle has been bringing out products across all spheres of functions and all price ranges. There are cutlery pieces from Herdmar, which, though being expensive, are some of the best pieces of cutlery that you will find today.

Herdmar Orange 27 Piece Flatware Set

There are utility boxes, and lunch boxes, which are sure to keep your meals hot, throughout the day. Ever product comes with its own unique personality, which is important, because this is subsequently transferred to your home.

UrbanDazzle has been at the forefront of quality kitchenware, providing comprehensive solutions for your home and kitchen.

There are some fantastic pieces that are up for grabs, and be sure to check the entire website out, to get the best products, suited to your need and budget.

Do check out the amazing brands on display. The best part is, that you can surf the entire site at your own leisure, without the shop attendant breathing down your neck. Tired of browsing, just shut the laptop lid, open it after an hour and pick up where you left off.

Arcoroc Cube Plastique Rough

With the festive seasons round the corner, there is all the more reason to visit UrbanDazzle, which also has some amazing gifting solutions for you. There are photo frames, and some beautiful vases, that add their essence and personality to your home.

UrbanDazzle should be your destination of choice, when you are shopping online. Every home solution is available here, and at discounted prices. We aren’t talking about 4-5% discounts; there are price cuts as much as 30-40%, on your favorite products, so you don’t have to worry about budgeting when you are shopping.

Shop on UrbanDazzle, and pick out your favorite products today