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Making cocktail at home

Cocktails are great fun. Whether it is organizing a party at your house, or going to a bar and getting drinks, cocktails are fun. But the only difference is that, in a bar, you will be paying a lot more money to be enjoying that Bloody Mary, or Shirley’s Temple. Making cocktails is surely an art but with the lot of cocktail tools like cocktail shakers, muddlers, etc. from Urbandazzle makes it a cakewalk. Its not that great cocktails cannot be made with your own home bar, it is just that people do not know exactly what to do, and don’t have the right tools.

The underlying principle is basically: Pour the right ingredients together, stir and sip. But there are a few important aspects that you must need to take into account to curate that magical cocktail. These are not just suggestions but comes as a part of a prescription that you need to learn before making cocktails.

  • Use ice, because it does ice make your drink strong and refreshing.
  • All cocktail ingredients are not the same, you have to muddle some a little harder than you muddle the others. For example, citrus needs to be more vigorously crushed, than herbs and mint leaves.
  • Garnishing is important. Many people view the lemon wedge as an unnecessary addition, but the fact remains, that these interesting little garnishes, are the finishing flavors that one puts into their cocktail. Especially with herbs, clap them and crush them to release the oils that will give your cocktail your special flavor. With peels of citrus, squeeze the peel together over the drink, before adding it to the glass rim.
  • Do not use tumblers, use a cocktail glass. Using a cocktail glass is important, as not only for aesthetic purpose but also makes sure that the flavors remain intact.
  • Don’t skip bitters as a few dashes of these will surely lend your drink some character. They add a complexity to your drink that you will not get otherwise. But do not overdo it, a few drops should be enough to add that special zing.
  • When shaking the mix in a mixer, keep a keen eye on the cubes. If the edges are round and smooth, it means, that your cocktail has reached its ideal dilution level.
cocktail shaker from devnow

Cocktails are not easy! But UrbanDazzle makes it easy for you by making sure some of the best bar accessories like shakers from Devnow, Tom Collins Glassess from Luigi Bormioli, and other accessories help you craft the perfect mix. Make sure you invest in the right bar accessories to get those beautiful complements for the cocktail.