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The term “Live Life King Size”, is often allocated to the myriad millionaires and billionaires that dot this planet. They are the ones who can obviously afford to spend big, and live it up. However, for the common man, those who are not swimming in money, this phrase does not really apply. Or does it?

Today, when we host an event, we all try to be as grandiose as possible. Even something as simple as having a few people over for dinner, becomes a hair raising experience. What to feed them, what to serve in terms of alcohol and starters? What desserts would they like? How much to prepare?

One little detail that is always overlooked is the aesthetic aspect of hosting an evening. We prepare the best roasts, and serve it in plastic dishes. The best coleslaw salad is served up in a shoddy little bowl, with a mismatched mixing spoon, and 12 year old scotch is served in a tumbler so old, a few drinks down, and you could swear it was begging for retirement.

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Finally, there is a solution that allows you to make sure, that the aesthetic aspect of hosting is well taken care of. And while you run from grocer to supermarket, restocking your fridge, run to the liquor store to buy some of that 12 year old scotch, this aspect can be taken care of, all you need is a decent internet connection, a cup of coffee, and a comfortable pair of pajamas. Why pajamas? Because, the best decisions are often taken wearing them. is what you type in your URL. As the page loads, your jaw drops. Thousands of products, each beautifully listed and systematically categorized, so as to make sure that you do not face the “fear”. And by the “Fear”, is meant that moment, when you have to go through even five pieces of cutlery in a physical cutlery store.

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UrbanDazzle allows you scroll through a hundred items, in a minute. Imagine the convenience. While you may have to drive to one obscure end of town to buy “high end cutlery and glassware”, the same will be filed neatly in a category on UrbanDazzle. That is why, the pyjama’s are important, because when sweating and running around town trying to buy something, with an irate spouse in tow, things become very hectic. Ultimately, you are forced to make a compromise buy. A compromise buy, is something that you do, when you are basically simply fed up. Fed up with traffic, fed up with the sweat you are pouring, fed up with the endless amount of liter’s of petrol your car is consuming, fed up with the grin that the sales man flashes, because he knows, that since all shops close at 8 pm, and you’re there at 7:55, what he offers you is the one you will buy, because, you have no other choices. Also, there is the constant nagging thought that passes your mind “could I wait till tomorrow?”

Why go through all that stress. The only time you will get up, from your comfortable seated position, while you’re buying exquisite kitchenware online, is to get yourself a nice coffee, or a can of soda. That is the only way UrbanDazzle will exert you. Oh there is also the very tiring exercise of clicking the mouse to view a new category. For those who do not understand the intended sarcasm this is the best thing that could have ever happened, on an ecommerce portal. Making sure, that you do not have to even lift a finger, is so beneficial, all that extra energy could be used in doing something even more productive. UrbanDazzle makes sure, that you do not have to exert at all.