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Know Your Wine..!!

On Nov 13, 2014, in Drinking, Home Decor, Stem Glasses, Wine Glass, by urbandazzle

know your wine

Wine is a very sophisticated and incredibly complex and diverse drink. There are hundreds of different kinds of wines and if you know your way around them, it serves to more purpose than to just order something random and drink it. Also, if you know your wines well, you will know what to keep while hosting an event or a party. You can impress your guests with the arsenal of good wines that you might have at your disposal.
Learning to taste wine is like appreciating art or music i.e. the pleasure you receive is proportionate to the effort you make. The ability to sniff out and untangle the flavors that are in the complex wine tastes is essential for tasting wine. If you hold your nose as you swallow a mouthful of wine, you will realize that most of the flavor will become muted.

Be methodical and focused. Choose the wine that you would want to serve your guests. Do not always go for something fruity or what you like as it may not be what they would like. Always have a collection of strong, able bodied wines along with lighter fruiter wines.

Learn how to differentiate the kinds of wines, the cabernet sauvignons, the Blancs, the chardonnay, the pinot noir, Shiraz and merlot, to name a few.

As usual, while serving wine, be careful about the glassware. Check out the extensive range of wine decanters and glassware at UrbanDazzle from brands like Devnow Bar, Luigi Bormioli, and Borgonovo. Wine glasses are important to serve your guests some good wine in.

Duchess red wine glass from ocean

Each wine, is designed to give the consumer a different experience. Most wine glasses are shaped such that these characteristics get heightened and directed to key areas of the nose and tongue and Wine is fully enjoyed. While wine can be enjoyed in every glass, a glass designed for a specific wine type always  help to heighten the experience in tasting and drinking the wine.

All wine has to be stored at a particular temperature, regardless of its color. Both red and white wines need to be consumed at particular temperature. Too cold a white wine makes it flavorless, while to warm a red makes the wine spoil.

White wines should generally be chilled before drinking while red wines should be allowed to raise their temperature before consumption.

white wine glass from Davinci

When you consume some wine and there is little in the bottle left always remember to use a vacuum pump to get rid of the extra air before putting the stopper as air makes wine spoil.

UrbanDazzle has a number of products for the ardent wine connoisseur, starting from decanters, right to long stem wine glasses. Each of these products are designed to heighten your great wine experience. So what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a good full bodied blood red, sit back and relish the flavor and celebrate life with some fine wine!