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Keeping food safe and fresh during the monsoons.

On Jul 30, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

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The rains are here and seeing them might be a delight as they bring down the temperature and turn the earth green. It also gives bacteria and microbes a chance to flourish. Not to mention raising the humidity so food stays less fresh in storage. During rainy season, food has a natural propensity to spoil at a faster rate than it would normally do so, which urges us to store it in more airtight and more vaccum-like containers to preserve nutrient value and prevent spoilage.

In your refrigerator, even in the deep freeze, behind steel doors, moisture does sometimes creep in. Foods which have been de-frosted and frozen again, are subject to ice-crystal formation, which lowers their nutritional value. Add to that the monsoon, and it doesn’t help.

One of the first things to spoil, are dairy products. Curds, milk, butter, cheese, all these, during monsoon do not hold up. Meat and fish are still edible, only if fresh and stored perfectly.

There is also the matter of the climate changing suddenly, and temperature rising again, and becoming warm. This fluctuation is not suitable for food, since food not stored at a constant temperature and atmosphere, will rapidly spoil.

Vaccum storage is an effective way to keep food fresh. Zojirushi has some vaccum flasks that have undergone stringent quality tests to make sure they are 100% airtight. These flasks can store food and prevent it from spoiling. Do you take your lunch out? No worries. You can procure the vaccum insulated portable flasks that would double up as a great way to keep your office lunch fresh and warm.

In a fluctuating weather all you want is to keep your food warm. Well, there are available heat resistant food containers from Lock & Lock. What’s fascinating about these jars is that they are multi-purpose. You can store the left overs of your meal, so as to prevent wastage. They are also oven friendly. And design wise they also look great.

These products are not only essential, but they’re also very versatile. Zojirushi also has an entire lunch box set which are vaccum sealable, so they ensure your food remains warm and delicious, no matter what the weather fluctuations might be. Travelling with these is not a problem as they come in a very portable, ergonomically designed and great looking cases.

If you’re searching for fridge-boxes then Borgonovo has what you are looking for. They are solid and  have good capacity. They are also available in a number of sizes. They have been designed in a way so that even if can stack them up in the fridge, they would stand still without taking much of the space.

Keeping the food fresh at all times is the prime factor in cooking. These products enable you to do that at a very affordable price. And since the containers are from Urban Dazzle, shipping is safe, secure, and delivery is faster than you think.