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tea party

Weekends are so much more fun when we have a party waiting for it. And hosting a party is like a project in itself. Hosting a tea party could so much be fun. There are certain rules to be followed when it comes to hosting a party.

A beautiful kettle to display the best of those laughter beginners, the tea… And nature as a beautification effect with the bamboo. One can be creative with the party concept and give it a theme,  and the party could make a beautiful turn to the work.

tea set

The beauty of any party lies in its organization, and making sure that everyone has their share of fun. The introduction of games could work well with the “fun” part. Make sure the games you choose are according to everyone’s interest, and the difficulty level are a general IQ based ones.

The next part would be matching cups. White is a universal choice, but you may also go with colorful choices like Christian Zanotti.

Make sure the presentation is awesome and thoughtful. Because it is in the presentation that lies the “first impression”. And it always manifolds the taste of the product as well.

tea coffee set

The Amuse Bouches could be served in the latest presentation platters, and they work perfect with the use of the best of your one time serves,. They are easy to use, and they make the dish look absolutely beautiful. Add that magic to your presentation and make those appetizers all the more beautiful.

Even the “pick a chit” games chosen could be presented in really classic glass bowls. Make everything about the party  awe-inspiring and be the talk of the town later.

There is nothing better then Those 2-tier or three-tier trays for those made with love and smile sweet muffins or cupcakes. And the colors chosen for the paper bins could always be vibrant and beautiful. They will not only add beauty to the table, but also be an appetite filler. Its like Having it from the eyes. The Eye-Candish look will absolutely make the table look like the skipped-the-best types.  

The urban designs picked will not only add charm to the evening, but also will add the aura of happiness, thus making your evening a huge success. Hence, taking a few precautions and a little planning will make your evening a mesmerizing one.

Go experimenting with the party theme and concepts, but make sure that it is comfortable with the guests. Work out your tastes, show some innovation, and it’d be a Grand success.