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How to host a formal dinner at your place?

On Feb 03, 2016, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

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It is quite easy to throw a birthday bash, tea party or a friends gathering at your home. But when it comes to a formal dinner, it becomes a tricky business. Mentioned below are some tricks and hacks, which will allow you to host a formal dinner without any stress.

1. Plan shopping: Since you know the date when you will be throwing a formal dinner, therefore, plan your shopping accordingly. Prepare a list of cuisines you will be preparing and buy ingredients and other essentials in accordance with the list.

2. Set your table: Prior to the dinner set your table in a very formal way. A table set in a formal style is the canvas for a delicious dinner. Spread a damask cloth on the table and make a mini flower vase stand in the center. Remember to place the bread plate above the fork. Also include water jug, wine glasses and napkins on the table.

3. Seating:You know your guests and their comfort level with others. It is suggested to keep their name cards on the seat where you want them to sit. Just don’t play a host but a matchmaker too in your formal dinner.

4.  Set your ambience: You can have music in the background or candles lit around the guests. The ambience that you set should uplift the mood of your guests and make them merry around the table.

5.  Let the conversation flow: Food is an excuse. The motto behind formal dinner is to cement relationships or make new ones. Therefore, ensure that the conversation never ceases to exist. Keep on pouring some food for thought.

6.  Drinks, Dessert and Relax: Towards the end of the dinner, you can serve dessert or fill their empty glasses again for a pleasant evening. Sit with them and be a part of the discussion. Lastly, don’t be in a rush. Dishes could be done in the morning too.