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How To Choose A Wine Glass

On Apr 14, 2014, in cocktail glasses, Drinkware, Wine Glass, by urbandazzle


The wine is one drink that would require the dedication of almost one’s entire lifetime for exploration. While our forefathers enjoyed their favorite wine in the thick rimmed, sturdy, fat-lipped glasses, modern consumers and manufacturers have an altogether different take on it. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that one does need a fine wine glass in order to enjoy their drink better. So a comfortable to hold, elegant and beautifully designed glass will make your wine experience even more pleasant and enjoyable.

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One thing to note here is that there are different kinds of wines and so there are different types of glasses, each varying in style, quality and appearance. We list out a few essential rules you must abide by the next time you go wine glass shopping, and trust us, you will thank us when you sip on your drink and find it tasting so much more delicious than before.

Rule 1: Opt for a clear glass.

Everybody wants to see the beautiful, rich color of their wine while drinking it. It is amusing to notice the color as such things provide further information on the age of the drink, the kind of grapes used, etc. So opt for a clear glass instead of the one that has a design overload. Also, a thin glass is preferred over the thick ones as they look more elegant and are not heavy to hold.

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Rule 2: Pick the ones with a long stem.

Glasses with a long stem not only look aesthetically beautiful but are also easy to hold and prevent you from leaving greasy fingerprints on your glass. It also enables you hold the glass from the stem. Remember, it’s a strict no-no to hold the bowl of the glass.

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Rule 3: The glasses should be of a sufficient size.

It’s important to choose a glass that allows a fair pour of the wine and has enough room for a swirl without any worry of spilling the drink. The action of swirling is undertaken to release the aroma of the wine which is vital to the drinking experience.

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Rule 4: Pick a glass that is tapered around the top.

A good wine glass will taper at the top such that the bowl below is broader than the aperture. This not only makes the appearance of your glasses classier, but has functional importance as well. Such as when you swirl the glass to release the exquisite aroma of your wine, the tapered part concentrates the fragrance around the nose.

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