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We all agree with the fact that gifting is an art. Though people won’t say it one their face, they do discuss the gifts that you gift them. In fact, the kind of gift that you present them with also reflects on your attitude and worth. You may vehemently disagree with us, but you know somewhere at the back of your mind that we are telling you the truth.

Also there are certain gift items that have been exhausted due to what we can call ‘over-gifting’. People have been gifting these items too much and hence they have lost their uniqueness and significance. Gift items such as clocks, pens, cutlery sets and such knick knacks have become a big no when people are choosing gifts. So how do you make sure that you gift something different and better, save money and of course, save face? Is there any way out? Certainly there is.

Savoir Faire 7pc Serving trays -Devnow Ceramics

There are various such products to choose from which you can decide the suitable ones for those whom you are gifting. One such gifting item is the latest drink ware. We are sure; you must be having someone who loves wines. There can be no better gift for them like the latest designer wine glasses.


Now before you make assumptions, let us make it clear that these glasses are not your usual wine glasses that you buy from the super market. They are designed differently and innovatively that people will certainly find some change when using them. All this drink ware is about innovation and difference. They are available in various colors, shapes and designs. We guarantee they are going to find them awesome.

Graal Glass With Decanter Set -Borgonovo

Another type of gift that you can gift your loved ones is the new age cutlery. Before you think that we are bringing you back to the same place, wait! This is not that old plain white porcelain cutlery. This is certainly something different with a different look and different feel.

Old Fashioned Coloured Glass Highball Glass-Borgonovo

Unsatisfied? Well here’s more. You can gift your loved ones glass bottles. These are not the plain bland bottles that you will smash up just after having looked at them. They are slender, curvy and soft. They are look and feel totally different from the old ones. Designer and colored mugs and cups are also chic and classy, which you can gift them without a second thought.