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Hosting a Perfect Tea Party

On Sep 10, 2012, in Drinkware, Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Tea Table Setttings

Have you lately been thinking of hosting a tea party? Many of the past traditions and etiquette surrounding tea parties has been lost over the last several decades, but a traditional tea party can be a real treat for your guests.

What makes one tea party better than another?

Well, for one thing, the table setting defines the mood of a tea party. Casual or formal, the table setting speaks volumes to your guest, of what to expect.

Do you want a cozy or traditional atmosphere? Each one is achieved with a different table-scape. So this is one area of your tea party that you want to spend extra time and attention on. If you are looking for some wonderful tableware for setting your next tea party table, check out the recommended items from this blog that would leave a lasting impression on your guests.

The Table
The table should be set with a cloth tablecloth (linen is nice if you have one) and napkins. You can serve buffet style or guests can be seated around the table. The food can be arranged Table Setting around a centerpiece that can be a small vase of flowers, a basket of seasonal fruit, or food that is placed on a three-tiered cake stand and used as the centerpiece.

Normal practice for formal place settings applies for tea table settings except the tea cup and saucer go to the right of the silverware. Smaller luncheon plates are used. If you are serving quite a few varieties of food, you can use regular dinner plates, but they take up a lot of room. So instead, you can also use salad or dessert plates.

The Tea Pot:

The tea pot spout should always be pointing towards the hostess once placed on the table. You should have small tea spoons, one for each guest, small forks, napkins and small plates.

If you are looking for Italian finesse then the delicate charm of Maria Grazia Fiocco designed Tea-Coffee Set. An oval tray, teapot, coffee pot, milk pot and sugar pot, all sculpted out of 18 / 10 stainless steel will set not only yours but your guests pulses racing.
Or you can sprinkle a bit of gold on those lovely evenings with your loved ones as you serve tea the English way in this wonderfully crafted Gilded Glory Gold Tea Set.

Cup and Saucers:Don’t forget the saucers. No mugs at teatime please and if you like to enjoy your tea in solitude or you would like to enjoy it in the company of your loved ones, the right kind of Cup and Saucers is what you should be looking at.
A white background carefully flanked with a generous dose of sparkling gold, the enchanting looks of this cup and saucer set adds to the joy of sipping that heavenly tea each evening. You can visit our complete Cup and Saucer segment at: www

Serve coffee or Tea in absolute elegance as you present creamy additives in the suave and charming Creamer. The creamer is a must-have for the modern host as it surely is a mark of elegance and class.
One should also not forget the importance of Napkins in the table settings as use the smaller beverage napkins if you can. If not, regular dinner napkins can be folded in many different fun ways (spread the larger ones on your lap).  No matter how basic or extravagant the napkins you choose to go along with your meal service, having a napkin holder makes them look like a class apart.
Do you have the tea party essentials that are needed to host a proper teatime? To get the most attractive and stylish tea party essential visit as they have some of the finest Italian brands with an incredible line of items.