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Dessertware Holi Special Urban Dazzle

Festivals are a time to evoke the joy within that’s lost in the nitty-gritty of everyday. There isn’t any other festival that brings out the dormant child shrouded inside each one of us like Holi. An occasion to be joyous and merry, and time to love, to play like an urchin without a care in this world and most important indulge your sweet tooth cause there’s so much running around to do.

To help you enjoy the festivities help us bring out the knick-knacks….

Greet your loved ones with gulaal and abir presented in beautiful bowls.

Serving Tray Holi Special Urban Dazzle

Get the spirits high by serving up bhang laced thandai shots in lustrous shot glasses that no one can resist.

Short Glasses Holi Special Urban Dazzle

For the junior battalion serve up juicy ice lollies that will be heaven for their parched lips after squandering in the sun with their pichkaries and water guns.

Bowl Holi Special Urban Dazzle

Traditional mithai served on stylish platters gives them that urban edge.

Bowls & Tray Holi Special Urban Dazzle

Do mix up some savory on the menu like kachoris, samosas and fries that are filling and unanimously relished.

Serving Plate Holi Special Urban Dazzle

This enormous bowl fits so much curry that you can easily feed the starving army after the endless round of water balloon battle.

Stylish Platter Holi Special Urban Dazzle

Let your imagination take its flight of fancy and have a colorful and blissful holi!!!!!