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Herdmar : Flatware Couture

Living in modern homes with limited space and helping hands, using grandmas silver as the elegant flatware is just passé and impractical. The steel cutlery available at the neighborhood vendor or online stores just doesn’t cut it, right? Wrong, your search ends right here. Browse through the endless options and ranges provided by the flatware giant Herdmar of Portugal, brought to India from the house of Urbandazzle.

Herdmar Oslo Blue 30 Piece Flatware

Portuguese-based brand Herdmar, a family owned business that has been around for over 100 years, to bring you incredibly chic flatware. Started in 1911, the company is now at the helm of a third generation member of the Marques family and continues to be one of the biggest producers of table cutlery in the world. When asked the secret to their longevity and success, Herdmar believes it’s all in maintaining tradition, keeping past customers, while seeking out innovation. Producing an average of 140,000 pieces a day, we’d say they’ve found the perfect balance.

Herdmar Atlanta Old Gold 27 Piece flatware set


Far from simply being eating utensils, Herdmar strives to produce statement pieces that go beyond their obvious functional utility. Each piece of cutlery is carefully designed with certain personalities, moments and stories in mind. Suddenly, your cutlery pieces become fashion accessories and setting the table becomes an art-form.

Herdmar Rocco Old Gold 27 pcs Flatware Set



Their unique and innovative flatware is not only functional, but it can also be seen as fashion accessories for the table.

Herdmar Montana 27 Piece Flatware Set


Produced through a careful selection of the raw materials, herdmar products have their quality assured by the exclusive use of stainless steel AISI 304 – 410 – 420.  The cutlery has a fine balance of weight which can be experienced each time you lift a spoon.

Herdmar Oslo Violet 30 piece flatware


The 24 carat goldplating is dishwasher safe. Beautiful and intricate laser printed patterns make them a delight to behold.

Herdmar Straw Copper 30 Piece Flatware Set

Modern shapes and eye-popping hues will definitely catch the sight of the most discerning diner.


Quoting fashion blogger Christian Dare here-

Remember, God is in the details. And it is the details I will be judging you by when you invite me over for dinner. Please don’t bother. But you should upgrade your flatware. I am particularly drawn to these two flatware sets from Herdmar due to their interesting finishes.