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”Neil Nitin Mukesh went to the multiplex and emerged out as Neil Nitin…….As Mukesh died of smoking induced cancer” . This might have been one of the funniest tweet doing the rounds with the whole #neilnitinmukesh fever on twitter, but smoking induced cancer is no joke in real life. In the modern ages there has been a splurge of lifestyle diseases and smoking is one such habit which is difficult to break.


Nicotine is the major player which causes this addiction and the feel of the cigarette stick between your fingers and the smoke that accompanies becomes a need that the smoker cannot live without. There have been many products that have been introduced as less harmful substitutes.



The product that we have recently launched on UrbanDazzle is the GLO electronic Shisha, also known as E-Hookah or Hookah pens, is a unique concept with a different approach to smoking that falls between smoking cigarettes and traditional hookah.

hookah pens

The GLO E-Shisha produces vapor instead of smoke in comparison to traditional hookahs which consist of massive amounts of carbon monoxide and has also been misconceived by users as a safer form of smoking compared to cigarettes.

mango flavor e-cigarette

How to use: Enjoy Straight out of the box. Dispose once the light no longer works, or the vapor is exhausted. Imagine the feel of a cigarette but with the flavors of shisha.

grape mint flavor e-cigarette

GLO brings you a revolutionary smoking experience with our disposable designer shisha, free from any harmful or addictive substances. Our products are safe, have no harmful side effects and we guarantee you a fantastic, fun and flavorful experience.

trawberry flavor E-cigarette