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Fresh and New This Diwali!!! Urban Dazzle

Before the bustling shopping sprees, before the bookings of gifts, chocolates and mithais are made, before all the shor sharaba, we herald diwali into our homes with the ritualistic spring cleaning.

In the west it is at the end of cold and wet winters, out here it’s after the hot and dusty heat gives way to a short lived moderate autumn that our homes live by the mantra of out with the old and in with the new. Freshly painted walls, spruced up upholstery and drapes all enhance each new piece of décor that is brought into the house.

Home Decor-Figurines, Vases, Wall Clock, Center Pieces on UrbanDazzle

The entire home is ready to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity in all her glory.  The customary diwali cleanup reenergizes our homes and spirits. The feeling of luxury and prosperity comes gushing into uncluttered open spaces. The universe lives by the law of attraction i.e. what you feel or think about comes magnetically into your life.

Diwali Decor Candle & Tea-Light Holders on UrbanDazzle

To have a beautiful abode is important be in a good frame of mind. Try to organize things better by having places specified for each kind of article and stick to it. Simplify your life by making little things easily accessible. Make your home prettier. Glimmering crystal bowls, vases, glittering statuettes and scintillating arrays of shiny crockery are added to enhance the prosperous feel of the home.

 Glimmering crystal bowls, vases on UrbanDazzle

Into a well functioning, squeaky clean home that is shimmering with abundance tiptoes in the dainty goddess draped in her festive finery and with her support we can live a more fulfilling and happy life.

UrbanDazzle Wishes you Happy Diwali With Gift Suggestions

Gifting is an important part of diwali celebration. Giving beautiful gifts to loved ones reestablishes bonds and cheer.  Food is an important part of these visits. Using our trendy buys of the year as service enhances the experience, invoking admiration for the finesse of the food.

UrbanDazzle Wishes you Happy Diwali With Gift Suggestions

Make this diwali a fresh new start to mend old bonds, to bring in cheer and love With UrbanDazzle

Make this diwali a fresh new start to mend old bonds, to bring in cheer, love, health and prosperity into your beautiful homes.