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Football,Popcorn and Beer

On Jul 01, 2014, in Barware, Drinking, Drinkware, Wine Glass, by urbandazzle


In no particular order, those three things, are definitely the flavor of the month gone by, and the one upon us. With surprise exit from major teams, all brimming with Premier League stars, the stage is now set for what is going to be an epic clash, between a few of the surviving biggies, and the new irrepressible talent that seems to have mushroomed.

Whenever we talk football, we also think fondly of the drink that goes so well with it. Beer has always been man’s best friend, soothing and refreshing, when watching that epic clash between Germany and Portugal, etc.

Football evenings with buddies, also mean pulling out that dusty projector, and setting it up. Hosting a game is never easy, because, the moods of the guests will be as varied as the match goes by. It goes without saying, that hosting a football game, is intriguing, and fun, but very difficult to get right.

Thankfully, at Urban Dazzle, we have a large array of beer mugs that are large enough to keep you happy, and look wonderful, when full to the brim with some of that golden delight.

OCEAN Beer Pilsner 400ml

Whether you are looking for mugs, or tall glasses, UrbanDazzle has a solution. Beer Mugs from Borgonovo, look stylish, and are very sturdy. These are designed to be optimized enough to hold a particular quantity of beer, making sure that there is enough in the glass, so you do not need refill unnecessary and frequently. Beer pilsners are very elegant, Luigi Bormioli, Luminarc and Ocean, are some of the brands that are on offer.

Usually it helps to keep the beer chilled. The mugs and pilsners being sold at Urban Dazzle, are designed to do just that. These specially designed pieces, keep the beer fresh and crisp, with just the right amount of foam sitting on top.

Beer is not meant to be drunk straight out of a bottle, unless you are sitting in a dark alleyway drinking like a shady alcoholic. Mugs, always tend to add a bit of festive cheer.

LUMINARC Benidorm Beer Mug 450ml.

Usually, men will not shop for glassware, outside, like women. Men are inherently averse to shopping for glassware, and will be happy to sit in the comfort of their homes, and purchase things online. That is why Urban Dazzle is special, allowing men to do just that, sitting in the comfort of their homes, and ordering fine glassware. You do not need to step out ever, to buy a beer mug. Everything is available online.

Mixing Bowls

With the beer doing the rounds, so will the finger food. Fortunately, at UrbanDazzle, there are products to suit each individual needs. Crystal bowls that are sturdy, and can withstand the rough passing around the table, are being offered by Luminarc. These bowls can hold a lot of popcorn, or chicken wings, or whatever else you would like, to go along with the beer, when enjoying the match. The mugs and pilsners are specially designed in a particular way, to minimize and avoid spillage altogether. These are a plus point, because when you have a 5 minute break for half time between two matches, and 5 empty glasses waiting to be refilled, you cannot afford to waste further time!