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This season of cricket and onset of summers calls for enjoyment with your friends and family. These days, the craze for cricket and other sports is equivalent to excitement for any festival. Other than personal grooming, festivities now include home decor, variety of food and drinks. The passion for togetherness boosts the spirits for having fun and frolic.

Apart from the sports, it is the beginning of a new season when you want to change your diets and move onto some drinks that are both cold and healthy. Try out fresh juices all at made at home or make some mocktails for your pre dinner party. Lemonade is one drink that is liked by almost all people from different age groups.

With the change in the trends of lifestyles, changes in the storage type have occurred. From bulky and overweighing utensils in the kitchen people have moved to a fragile yet light weight crockery. Not only does it keep the food intact, your kitchen is more beautiful now. You will not miss any single shot played, just cooking and storing, in this World Cup. The food for your family can be preserved in the stylish crystal glass mason jars. The jars are good for your food storage and the screw threads on the bottles are designed to accept a metal band. The glass mason jars have taken place in the kitchens of many. The property of food and edibles is believed not to change. Try storing your jams into the mason jars.

Rooster Drinking Jar Circleware

Not to miss are the amazing Lancaster DispenserJars. Fill them with your most liked beverage like fruit juices. The nozzle in the jar makes it fancy and easy to use. The chic collection of Rooster Drinking Jar can not go unnoticed this summer. Grab the dispenser and enjoy hot or cold beverages. For the season of summers fill for yourself the Yorkshire Handled Mug with a Chalkboard with lemon squash.

All these contemporary jars and mugs are brought to you exclusively by Circleware. From the water storage bottle to milk storage, Circleware offers a modish collection for your kitchen. The glass mugs are both plain and colored to make your collection stand out amongst your friends. Unique Yorkshire Metallic Mug Shot glasses will be an experience to have the your liquid refreshments.

Yorkshire Metallic Mug Shot glass

You should hurry to enhance the beauty of your kitchen shelves and buy the latest trendy drinkwares all at Urbandazzle.

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