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Five Secrets of Perfect Baking

On Dec 09, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

"Five secrets of perfect baking"

Baking is not mere mingling of ingredients and tossing the mixture in microwave or oven. It is an art that requires you to combine perfect ingredients and golden brown the ingredients at a perfect temperature.

Below are five secrets of perfect baking.

  • Use Ingredients stored at Room Temperature: If in the recipe it has been mentioned that you need to use ingredients such as egg, butter, cream, etc. stored at room temperature then don’t skip this important instruction. A bit warm ingredients mix very well with others.
  • Tune your oven temperature perfectly: Tune your oven or microwave temperature perfectly as mentioned in the recipe. Overheating and under heating could land your dish in soup. It is recommended to use oven thermometer to know the temperature accurately.
  • Read the recipe full before beginning: Don’t read the first step of recipe and execute it. Read it completely first, collect all the ingredients mentioned in it and then begin the baking process.
  • Butter your bakeware generously: No one wants to feed the entire delectable dish to the baking pan. It is advisable to butter the pan generously so that the baked dish comes out of it smoothly as silk.
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  • Invest in quality baking ware: Cheap baking ware which are not oven and microwave friendly might degrade the quality of your efforts. Therefore, it is better to invest in quality baking ware that are tough and could stand the heat of oven antd microwave.
  • Let it cool: If the recipe demands the dish to be cooled first before serving then give it ample amount of time to cool. Cake or pastry, for instance, if left to be cooled then it is lot easier to handle them.

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  • Weigh your ingredients: There are certain ingredients that are to be taken exactly in the same quantity as mentioned in the recipe. It is better to weigh them before pouring them in the mixture.
  • Check for expiry date: Ingredients like baking soda, baking powder, flour, etc. have a very short shelf life. In case these ingredients are lurking in your kitchen from a very long time then you should not use them in baking and purchase fresh replacement of them.