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Five Décor Myths Busted

On Feb 16, 2016, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Five Decor Myths Busted - Urbandazzle India

When it comes to decorating a home, creativity knows no bound. But many fear to break certain cliché for it feels that doing so might ruin the décor. Below, we have busted certain myths of décor that will surely give a boost to your creativity and imagination.

1.    Everything should match: If you are decorating your place with this mentality then you are restricting yourself. Your aim should not be matching the color and pattern of décor items but making sure that they complement each other. After all, matching is quite boring.

2.    One Home One Style: Rather than sticking to just one style for your entire place, try to update the style frequently. Experiment with different color themes, lighting options and fabric patterns (curtains, cushion, etc.)

3.    Avoid wallpaper in Bathroom: Break the stereotype of not going with wallpaper in the bathroom. If you are worried of bathroom wallpaper getting dirty and peeling off due to moisture, then there are available vinyl wallpaper. They are durable and have a stiff paste that allows it to stick more securely.

4.    Include everything latest in the décor: There are certain décor items, style and color schemes that are evergreen. You can either use them or try some classic to add elegance at your place. You can even experiment with the fusion of classic and contemporary.

5.    Give furniture the support of your wall: With proper space planning, furniture could be made to float in the middle of the living room. Though a little help of professionals may require to execute it but once done, it might leave ample room for other décor ideas between your furniture and wall.