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Essentials of a Picnic

On Nov 24, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Essentials of a Picnic

A picnic means a lot of fun, spur-of-the-moment food and relishing the nature. But to make a picnic more enthralling, a proper planning and certain essentials are required that are indispensable. Below are certain essentials for a terrific picnic.

1. A blanket or a throw: To make the sitting comfortable a large blanket is necessary.

2. A liquid Dispenser: Take one liquid dispenser with you so as to store in it either hot (cold) beverages or simply water.

3. Plates and Trays: Plates and Trays are also quite necessary to serve the edible items among people.

4. Bottle opener and Corkscrew: Many of us forget them and hence look for alternative source to open our beverage bottle which ultimately leads to spoiling of both the bottle and the drink.

5. Spoons, Knives and Cutting Mat: In case if you are planning to cook something on the picnic spot itself then they really are very useful. Also, spoons are essential in eating food and other edible items.

6. Ice cube packets and ice box: An ice box, with ice cube packets in it, helps a lot in keeping your soft and hard drinks chill especially in scorching summer time.

7. Condiments: Mustard sauce and tomato ketchup comes in small use and throw bottles which can be carried to picnics easily. One can either throw them after use or refill them again for domestic use.

8. Salt and Pepper: Everyone needs adjustments in the taste of their dishes. Salt and Pepper combination can lift the taste of any dish at the picnic.

9. Storage Containers: Make sure to carry storage containers to store the leftovers of the picnic.

10. A Picnic Basket: Accommodate the aforementioned stuff in an elegant picnic basket so that you don’t forget any essentials at your home.