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Dress up your home

Nothing speaks volumes about your home, more than you yourself. The way you tastefully decorate your home, reflects your personality. Now, we are not talking about paintings, or painting your home itself, of furniture placement, we are talking about décor in terms of adding elements to enhance the vitality of your living space.

The living room is usually the one that sees the most number of guests. Whether you’re hosting a lunch, or a cocktail dinner party, the living room, is where everyone usually converges, to make conversation.

DEVNOW CRYSTAL Devnow Red Vase 50cm

There is a custom usually followed by people, who love flowers. They always have a beautiful flower vase somewhere, in which there shall be some fresh flowers. UrbanDazzle has some interesting flower vases, made by brands like Arda, Devnow Crystals, and Venus that promise to add a bit of character to the room in which they are placed in. These vases have the capacity to hold quite a good number of flowers, and if you take into consideration the fact the flowers look and smell good, you will love the way that these vases are crafted as well. Handmade objects of pure art, they are not to be mistaken with the generic one’s that you can buy at any supermarket. These are objects of delight, and command attention, if placed on the centre table of your home.

DEVNOW BAR Celebrations Tea Light & Candle Holder Set



Devnow Bar has a candle holder, a set of 6. These can be individually placed in various corners of the bedroom, or together, as a set piece, in the living room. Couple this with the Borgonovo fruit bowl, and you will have a very interesting coffee table.

Decorating a home is all about placement, and taste. You can have the best crystal ware, but if they are not placed tastefully and in accordance with the way the home is supposed to look, it does not make any sense.

It only deserves, to be placed in such a way, that it blends in, yet catches the eye. Sits, yet stands, and matches, yet contrasts.

This is a difficult combination to get right, however, products from UrbanDazzle, perfectly complement each other in their own way. The candy container, made out of pure crystal, by Walther, is a perfect addition to be put on the dinner table. With products from top class brands and designer glassware on display here, you cannot go wrong with shopping at UrbanDazzle, India’s number one E Commerce site, for fine diningware and barware.

Try out some of the photo frames for instance. A photo frame is the cradle of your happy memory.

8ONE9 Four-in-one Silver Photo Frame

You can always buy the elegant photo frame from Ego Alter, and put it on the antique side table, by Cotton Gift. Little figurines like those sold by Cotton Gift, can add a lot of substance to your showcase, or your display wall. Tastefully added lights will ensure that these figurines come alive, in a variety of shapes.

This is why UrbanDazzle, has become so popular, with every demographic. Whether it is the 25 year old bachelor searching for beer mugs, to the home maker, looking for the perfect dinner set, it has comprehensive gifting solutions for all.

UrbanDazzle helps you, in transforming your home, and lending it its most important aspect. You.