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Different Glasses for Different Drinks

On Sep 07, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Different Glasses for Different Drinks

First the hands were used to quench the thirst and then came containers in forms of bottle and glass to store liquid in them to wet our throat. What you enjoy in a glass you cannot relish the same in a bottle or hand and vice versa. In fact different types of glass are used to pour different types of drinks. Listed below are the different glass and drinks which are poured in them.

1. Pilsner Glass: It is a long and a narrow glass with walls that are adhered towards the base. This glass is mostly used to pour in it Beer. Other glasses for beer are pint, tulip, wizen etc.

2. Brandy Snifter – With a shorter stem and a wider bowl either wine or brandy is pour in it. It is cupped in the hand easily and gives a tight grip.

3. Tumbler Glass – Tumbler glass is another such glass in which wine is poured. But it is a stem less glass and it is wide enough from the top to give you a good sniff of the drink.

4. Martini Glass – With a long stem attached to its base the martini glass is tall and wide from the top.  It has a large surface area that keeps the ingredients put into it intact

5. Rocks Glass – Rocks glass is perfect for cocktail.  It can house large cubes of ice and offer a plenty of top space to take in the aroma of the drink.

6. Coupette Glass – A glass that offers a short stem but a wide opening is Coupette Glass. Along with drinks it can also be used to serve dessert such as ice cream.

7. Hurricane Glass – Hurricane Glass is tall and has a curve on its top. It is used for tropical and exotic mixed drinks.

8. Coffee Mugs – With a big holder the coffee mugs are used to serve coffee in them and other hot drinks too.

9. Shot Glass – Shot glass is a very small but has thick walls of glass. It is used for shots and measuring drinks too.

10.  Zombie Glass – It is a tall and stem less glass which is used to serve juices and water.

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