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Come Home to the Urban Indian Diva

On Sep 17, 2012, in Drinkware, Gifting, Home Decor, by urbandazzle


In spite of her choc-o-bloc schedule the modern Indian woman quite in tune with her mythological counterpart with many arms and powers, is commendable at multi tasking.  Her home speaks of her elegant taste and like the goddess Annapoorna she makes sure her people are well nourished.

The breakfast table is an affair not to be missed. The toast is elegantly reclining besides a fluffy omelet, seductively on a sumptuous platter, the orange juice oozing oomph in a divine jug and the tea whistling suggestively from the kettle, the domestic goddess achieves her desired glory. Breakfast is served.

Urbandazzle brings products from around the world at her fingertips, like the bread-maker, that ensures the fresh and wholesome bread reaches the table every morning.

As she leaves for work the Mr. and Mrs. Bento lunch boxes packed with nourishment for the day are beaming with goodness.

She’s doing her bit to pass on a greener planet to the next generation. Using sturdy products that last she is minimising wastage. Using glass containers instead of plastic ensure health for the family and the earth.

Back after work, she refreshes herself with a glass of water  poured from a glass bottle. Check the difference in freshness and taste on your own.

Making life simpler by storing chopped veggies, meat, purees and other perishables in rectangular Igloo boxes in the fridge, it’s just a question of sautéing fresh ingredients for a quick and wholesome meal after a long hard day at work.

Life can be as simple as one would like it to be.  She has found the power of organizing and the key to staying calm in the midst of the domestic storm.