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Color Blocking

On Aug 01, 2012, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle


Color Blocking, the latest runway trend is increasingly getting popular with interior design experts. When applied correctly, the results from this trend can give the home a refreshing look while adding an energetic feel to it.

To color block, all you need to do is take bold opposites on the color wheel (think red and green, or blue and orange) and put them together for the widest contrast possible. No patterns allowed in this trend – Just bold, bright colors mixed in a way that somehow seems to make sense. A simple everyday object like water glasses for instance can create color blocking magic. This set six of confetti tumblers, clearly portray what colour blocking is all about, mismatched and with it.  Check these glasses at the coffee shops at The Leela Palace hotels all over India. They look fantastic.

The rule of thumb here is that solid colours of similar intensity are teamed together; think of the existing color theme of your setup. Throw in some zesty add-ons.

The table here is stark white, lovely dinner plates and soup plates provide a delightful contrast. A complete role reversal would be a brightly coloured table and stark white dinnerware complete with milky white vases, that eludes a very sophisticated English charm.

Another rule is to steer clear of prints and patterns. Color blocking engages solid blocks of colour, take a cue from that cute Zara dress hanging in your wardrobe.

A primary color scheme is tied together by accessories. In the setting below notice how the fiery red vase intensifies the rest of the setting.

The coloring blocking trend is effective when used to contrast clean and crisp colors such as white and black. The solid black and white plates are used to create drama on this designer dining room.

A Citrusy bright dinner set instantly adds zing to a simple table again do keep in mind that color blocking succeeds when used upon neutral bases.

Drinkware provides an exceptionally easy pop of colours. The zesty colourful circles of these borgonovo tumblers  invoke instant happiness.

Pour some cheer into your homes with these urban chic candy hued water bottles. If their trendiness is not reason enough to hoard those, glass water bottles are the most eco-friendly way to be drinking water from.

Its trendy, its hip, it’s very now. Become the harbinger of latest trends in your circle. Color blocking is not just a passing trend, its super cool feng shui energy, bringing joy and cheer into homes and hearts.