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Christmas Gifts Ideas

On Nov 30, 2012, in Drinking, Drinkware, Gifting, by urbandazzle

Christmas Gifts

It is the season to be jolly! However, traipsing round the shops on Christmas Eve in search of the right Christmas gifts is distinctly distressing. But fear not, Urbandazzle got a round-up of gifts, all of which can be bought from the comfort of your computer, which are sure to earn you the maximum brownie points come Christmas Day.

For Her:

1. ORGONOVO Alzata Piatto 22 @ Rs 840:
Perfect to keep that delicious pie or cake and add a hint of sophistication to any space, this is THE Christmas Gift for someone who loves baking.BORGONOVO Alzata Piatto 22: Click to Buy
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2. DEVNOW CERAMICS Carousel of Colours Mug Set 375ml @ Rs 596:
For someone who cannot stop chatting and in whose presence time fly by, this is the most appropriate Christmas gift as an interesting gossip session can never be without a piping hot cuppa with the Carousel of Colours Mug Set in tow.
Carousel of Colours Mug Set 375ml: Click to Buy
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3. Holy Mother Wall Art @ Rs 6300:
The benevolent and loving mother kinds face brimming with compassion, on an intricately embellished frame. A gift that will always be remembered and cherished.
Click to Buy: Holy Mother Wall Art
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4. But if you are looking for something more traditional and modish this apologue of freedom is the perfect Christmas décor gift which can inspire conversations as the centerpiece.

A splendid thought behind a gorgeous statuette of a lady @ Rs 2700 , swathed in her finest she sets a dove free, as though proclaiming her own.
Click to Buy: Apologue Of Freedom
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For Him:

What could be nicer than a warming alcohol on a cold evening?

1. Baguette tumbler dof 34cl @ Rs 1700: See the light reflect and create magic as it touches the gleaming facade of this unique Baguette Tumbler. Sporting a unique hexagonal cut and sensuous appeal telling of Italian finesse, this tumbler makes for the perfect choice to add to the fervour of any evening.
Click to Buy: Baguette Tumbler
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2. Whether it is the home bar or professional, these glistening beauties steal the show no matter where you place them. The Fusion Color Wine Goblet set from RCR adds a dazzling touch to any service with its Italian finesse and vibrant hues and makes a dazzling gift.
Click to Buy: Fusion Color Champagne Flute
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3. Wine remains the inevitable part of Christmas, New Year party which is best when served in right kind of glasses.
Click to Buy: Lexington White WineBut there are people who believe in a different theme of gift Ideas; they perceive that a perfect gift is one, when given, should convey and actually speak to them. Keeping in mind this peculiar view point a very interesting segment of gift items has been kept.

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This soft and exotic candle holder, which brings out those tea lights in gorgeous hues of pinks, blues and violets to fill the space with a soothing calm with its glowing allure, and turns moments into beacon of hope and peace. This candle holder is a perfect Christmas gift that would be cherished for years to come.
Click to Buy: Kayla Clear Votive

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For the people looking forward to impress their beautiful partners on the eve of Christmas or New Year eve an intrinsic collection of figurines is made available that would speak your mind with ease.

For exmaple- this elegant showpiece that celebrates everlasting love, with a blissful kiss. An exquisite contemporary sculpture to adorn a special niche in your boudoir. Makes a perfect gift for you girlfriend and wives.
Click to Buy: Everlasting Love

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Well Christmas comes bundled with the delight of New Year and what better way can be to embrace the coming year with a perfect party. If you really wish to give your friends special New Year wishes gift them a unique, classy and happening gift, Such as this DAVINCI CRYSTAL Decanter. Like a twister trying to embrace an ocean, the Sophia Round Decanter is a mesmerizing sight that makes its heady contents takes on an even more enticing avatar.

Click to Buy: Sophia Round Decanter

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This gift would not just add charm to the party but make conversations last longer.

These gifts have definitely got the charm that can make any Christmas a Merry Christmas!

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Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas one and all!