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Ceramic Fest on Urban Dazzle

When it comes to creating eye-pleasing and tasty works of art in the kitchen, nothing comes in handier than timeless ceramic.

Serving Tray - Urban Dazzle


An endless array of versatile ceramic dishes promises your food will look like it has just stepped out of culinary heaven.

Crockery - Urban Dazzle


The white of the ceramic provides a simple backdrop for variations in food color.

Soup Bowls and Saucer - Urban Dazzle
Boat Plate and Side Serves - Urban Dazzle
Dinner Serve Set - Urban Dazzle
Make sure that the garnishes used compliment the food and colors. For instance, adding a red tomato for every green dish without relating to the taste makes no sense.

Teensy Jugs & Petite Dip - Urban Dazzle


Teensy jugs and petite dip bowls are the key to glam up your main dish.

Teensy Jugs & Petite Dip - Urban Dazzle

Large salad servers in white bring out the beautiful colors in the greens and make them irresistible for the eyes.

Large salad servers - urban dazzle

A zen inspired tea kettle is as ethereal as it is timeless.

tea kettle - Urban Dazzle


Invest in a sturdy sushi board or a trendy tagine in ceramic, if you have a diversified palette.

Sushi Board & Trendy Tagine - Urban Dazzle

Sushi Board & Trendy Tagine - Urban Dazzle

Ramekins and pie dishes are the can’t do without baking staples.

Ramekins & Pie Dishes - Urban Dazzle

Single serve tureens and soup bowls with cover bring five star élan to your dinner table.

Single serve tureens and soup bowls - Urban Dazzle

When using platters for starters do keep in mind that odd number pieces look better than even.

platters for starters - Urban Dazzle

Just like an artist needs white canvas to paint his love, use white ceramics to convert your food into visual art. Good food is but the love flowing out of your heart, the labor of your love, every morsel of which nourishes your loved ones!!!! Bon Appetite!!!!